Operational Questions

How to mount the Alarm Unit?

The Alarm Unit comes with mounting rack and velcro  can mount on the wall or attach to wheelchair.

How to activate the alarm from Smart Pull Cord Alarm?

Simply pull the cord with magnet end from the alarm.

After successfully paired, tested ok, but the wireless alarm does not sound?

It maybe out of connectivity range, try to move the wireless alarm closer to the wireless sensing mat.

How to turn off the alarm?

To prevent patients from tampering the alarm, the OFF switch is located inside the battery compartment accessible by a screw driver only.

How to adjust the alarm volume and tone?

Open the back cover to adjust the volume to 85dB or 100dB. Also select different alarm tone. Only use mute with Nurse Call Jack.

How to know if the battery is flat?

When the red LED on the alarm blinks once per second. Replace batteries as soon as possible.

When the red LED stays on, the alarm will stop to work.

Where should the bed / chair pressure sensor pad be put?

For chair pressure sensor pad: Simply put it in the seating area.

For bed pressure señor pad: The most effective way is to put it at the shoulder position or under buttock position. DO NOT use under mattress (only use on top).

Technical Questions

Can alarm be heard when using Smart Pull Cord Alarm in the toilet?

Paired this alarm with Integrated Alarm. Smart Pull Cord Alarm can be set up in the toilet and the Integrated Alarm can be installed somewhere outside the toilet.

How long does the pressure sensor pad last?

Qleap pressure sensor pad is guarantee to be used for six months from date of initial use for materials and workmanship. Do not fold or bend the pressure sensor pad.

What is the largest size of bed pressure sensor pad?

The largest size of bed sensor pad is 10” x 30”.

What is the largest size of chair pressure sensor pad?

The largest size of chair pressure sensor pad is 10” x 15”.

What is the minimum weight for the pressure sensor pad to function?

The minimum weight is 45 kgs (100 lbs).

General Questions

What type of battery is used in Alarm Units?

Use AA battery x 3

Can Smart Pull Cord Alarm be applied on wheelchair?

Yes, attach the alligator clip to patient’s clothing around the shoulder / neck area.

Will the alarm turn off when the patient returns to the Proximity sensing mat or pressure sensor pad?

Yes, it will turn off.

How to purchase the replacement for QLEAP bed / chair pressure sensor pad?

Please email us at info@qleapbsl.com for distributors in your area / country.